BEAM Kenya

Boost ~ Educate ~ Advocate ~ Mend


Kenyan families in the slums face vast challenges. Many live in conditions of extreme poverty, lack of education and the inability to find employment. Parents struggle to find adequate housing and to provide food, clothing and shelter for their children. Illness and disease are at times left untreated due to a scarcity of resources.  Medical care, food support, Child Protective Services, foster care and other resources to support the poor and protect the rights of children are limited. 

These circumstances can bring about hopelessness and despair often leading to alcohol and drug addiction, prositution as well as physical and emotional abuse.  It is not uncommon for children in the slums to drop out of school in fifth or sixth grade and fall into a life of idleness and alcoholism, further perpetuating the cycle of poverty in their families.
The mission of BEAM Kenya is to provide a robust scholarship program as well as increased access to counseling resources and psychosocial support for the children and their families. Our scholarship program offers children an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty in their families by receiving quality Christian education. Many of the children in the scholarship program board in the school in order to be in a safer and more secure learning environment. Along with quality education, children participate in individual counseling with trained professional Kenyan counselors to address their emotional needs and bring healing. The goal is to focus on the overall health and wholeness of the entire family and home environment through our counseling and social work program. With the spiritual guidance and psychosocial support these kids receive, our hope is that they go on to utilize the gifts God has given them to impact their families and communities. 

The work of BEAM Kenya is funded entirely by the generosity of others. Please consider partnering with us in the mission to empower children through education and increase access to counseling resources for children and families who have undergone trauma and abuse.

 ​​Our desire is to live out the instructions in Isaiah 58:6-12 . To partner with us in this mission, please consider a financial donation .