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Boost ~ Educate ~ Advocate ~ Mend

 LEADING TO fearless 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In 2012, I went to Kenya for the first time for one month assuming I would get the "Volunteer in Africa" bug out of my system and move on with my comfortable life. I helped with a public health survey in a slum and that experience turned my life upside down one slow day at a time. It's only in looking back that I can see all God was up to. 

The exposure to poverty in the slum community shook me up; eventually leading me to quit my job and return to Kenya for one year in 2013 to "help" the poor. I was extremely naive but very willing. I learned the most helpful thing was for me to ask questions, listen well, learn Swahili, and try to be humble. I often failed and sometimes succeeded but regardless I kept showing up. Throughout this jounrney, I have experienced rich joy and deep pain. Both equally valuable teachers. 

Kenya trip #3 was in November of 2014 for a training on Child Safety and Protection. Trip #4 was in June of 2016. This trip brought more clarity. Since 2012, I had been meeting so many vulnerable children in the slum and was trying to understand their stories. I got to know some kids on the street. I got to know some kids who weren't in school.  I got to know some kids who were in and out of "free" government schools due to lack of school fees. I got to know some children who had been sexually abused and other physically abused. I met families trapped in addiction and prostitution and relentless poverty. My heart broke. Often. Heartbreak become the most powerful motivator God used to keep me going back. 

What does it look like to show God's love in action?

I think about this question all the time. Love in action for the street child became empowerment through education. Love in action for the 10-year-old girl who never stepped foot in a school became provision for a safe environment in a Christian Boarding School. Love in action for the girl being sexually and physically abused became provision for counseling and advocating for her safety.  Love in action for the teachers and caregivers at school became psychosocial support and training to better equip them to care for their students.   

I am currently in Kenya and feel honored and privileged to be on the ground facilitating the BEAM Kenya programs. To date we have 20 children who have received a comprehensive scholarship and are attending Christian school.  We are learning daily what it looks like to be loving, generious, and gracious human beings with the people God brings our way.  We greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support.  

With so much love and gratitude, 


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